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The world of iGaming can be intimidating to those who have never navigated through the waters before. From the hundreds of operators to the thousands of types of bonuses, deciding on something is no less than a tiring chore at this point.

Even if you do know how to find a good operator, the question of security always remains. You never know which sportsbooks are up to date with the security protocols to keep your interests safe.

In an industry so competitive, having a little support can make the day for the punters. And that’s where we come in. in USA is your best friend with a torch to guide you in the dark tunnel.

Before you go ahead and start jumping sportsbooks in USA, we’d like to help you get acquainted with what you can expect at



The Sportsbooks Reviews in USA

The page where all the best sportsbooks in USA are listed for you. These names didn’t come up there out of thin air. Our team of experts has spent hours and hours in research to list these sportsbooks for you.

The primary goal of the research is to find a safe destination for you where you can expect the best quality of services. It’s all that better if the sportsbook can provide you with something to remember it by. An amazing welcome bonus or cashback on your losses, perhaps.

From that very page on our website, you can directly open an account at the sportsbook of your choice. Or, you can go ahead to read the detailed review. The reviews are written by the same team of experts. Important information regarding the licenses, sports library, payment methods and limits, registration, etc. are covered in each of the reviews.

Right below the table of the best sportsbooks in USA, you’ll find a section where we’ve discussed the ranking factors. These factors are essentially what made the sportsbooks a force to reckon with. As we believe in complete transparency, we believe that you have the right to know how we ranked the sites.

We don’t stop at giving you the listings only. We want to cover the entire experience for you. So, we have how to registerguides for all of the listed sportsbooks. Not only that, but we’ve also created complete reviews for the iOS apps and Android apps offered by the sportsbooks on our list. Because we understand how convenient it is for you to bet directly from the mobile.

That pretty much takes care of what you can expect from the review listing page. Now, we’re moving on to a more exciting section. The BONUSES!



The Bonus Page

Bonuses seem to do the magic for iGaming operators. Whether it’s online casinos or sportsbooks, customers seem to flock over to the promotions page to get a slice of the goodness. If you’re one of the bonus lovers in USA, then we have news for you!

You’ll find the top bonuses cut out from across the industry. Anything and everything is possible at Whether you’re a fan of welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashbacks, free bets, or exclusive bonuses, we have everything ready to go for you.

The key element of any iGaming promotion is user-friendliness. A promotion can look wholesome on the surface but may need more than you’re willing to sacrifice. The “sacrifice” mostly goes into complying with the terms and conditions associated with each of the bonuses.

That’s why our experts go through each of the promotions to evaluate the severity of terms and conditions before listing them. Speaking of the list, the ones you find listed are great for beginners as well as seasoned punters.

In fact, you can switch between different bonus types by the included tags on the page. When you click on a particular tag, we’ll take you right to the bonus, given that it’s available at that time.

Another important aspect of this page is that it’s constantly updated. We all know how unpredictable the iGaming promotions can be. So, we must keep you updated at all times!



Betting School

The Betting School is our pride and joy. The one-stop solution to all your betting needs. This page is packed with all kinds of information you can ask for regarding an online sportsbook. The purpose behind creating this page is to educate you as a punter before you go out in the wild and start testing your luck.

Let’s take a quick look at what each entry from the page will bring to the table for you.


Asian Handicap

Understanding handicaps is one of the biggest challenges a beginner punter faces. It’s a unique betting market for the punters looking toward benefiting from the underdogs and their higher odds. There are numerous posts in this section to help you understand exactly what Asian Handicap is.


European Handicap

Another type of handicap betting in USA. Although the basic idea behind both Asian and European handicaps is the same, they’re calculated differently. Everything is explained through the posts.


How To

This is the section where all the registration guides are listed. Each sportsbook may impose different steps in the registration process. Although very straightforward, it may get overwhelming at times. You can simply refer to our helping page.


Sports Betting Strategies

Betting strategies are highly recommended if you want to take a systematic approach toward your betting needs. Strategies can help you manage your bankroll better and hopefully make consistent profits throughout. Let our experts help you on that note.

This section is updated regularly so keep your eyes open before you start with a new sport. Who knows when or how a new strategy may change how you perceive sports betting forever!


Types of Bets

The sports betting industry is flooded with different types of bets. And “flooded” is an understatement. To help you get acquainted with all the different types of bets, we have designed the types of bets page.


Types of Sports

Needless to say, the bets you place will be on a sport. Not all sports are equally thrilling or promising to be honest. So, for our punters in USA, we’ve decided to step in and point you to the right sport for betting.

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