Asian Handicap Betting Odds Calculator: Work Out Your Potential Winnings

Betting odds calculators for Asian handicaps are a great resource for punters who want to avoid tedious mathematical calculations when estimating their possible wins from bookmakers. The Asian handicap is complex, so this tool can help punters greatly.

How does our Asian handicap odds calculator work?

To level the playing field, the Asian handicap gives the lower-ranked team a head start. Bettors choose the home or away side and enter the odds, stake, handicap type, and desired outcome before submitting their wager. The outcome, payment, and profit are subsequently calculated by the Asian handicap calculator.

Asian Handicap Calculator

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Select the team you believe will win the match. This choice is crucial for calculating potential winnings.
Used to determine the total return for every $1 bet, including the amount of money risked.
The amount of money risked or invested on a bet. Stake can also be called a wager.
Asian Handicap
Asian Handicap adjusts odds based on team strengths. Choose from -4 to 4. Lower values favor the team with lesser strength, higher values favor the stronger team.
Home Team Score
Away Team Score

What is an Asian handicap?

One way to add some excitement to a game is to level the playing field through an Asian handicap. This works by giving the weaker side a head start over the other team. A tie can be avoided through the application of a fractional goal handicap. This kind of bet originated in Asia for football (soccer) betting but has grown in popularity worldwide. It is now a worldwide phenomenon and very sought after.

Example of an Asian handicap bet

Betting providers usually give Saudi Arabia a handicap of +1.5 goals when they face teams like Argentina. This indicates that customers will win their wagers if Saudi Arabia wins the match or if the margin of defeat is less than 1.5 goals. This is because Argentina is considered to be one of the best teams in the world–they won the last World Cup–and it would not be fair to Saudi Arabia if they didn’t get some sort of advantage.

Are Asian handicap bets worth it?

The bookmaker’s profit margin is smaller for Asian handicaps; therefore, you may obtain better odds. However, things aren’t quite that simple. Making a wager where the odds are consistently around 2.0 is the goal, indicating a balanced bet.

  • Offers a wider variety of betting possibilities.
  • Provides better odds for picks.
  • Gets rid of the chance of a tie.
  • It is complicated for beginners.
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