Why You Need an Odds Converter

Odds are presented in different formats in different parts of the globe. Our betting odds converter helps you convert between different kinds of odds at a moment’s notice. If you want to know your chances of winning across different countries and sports, there is no better tool out there

How does our odds converter work?

The primary goal of this decimal odds converter is to make it easier to convert between the odd formats that are used the most frequently. Regardless of the fields that are filled in, an automatic computation of the inferred probability rate and values takes place. By moving their cursors over the “i” information buttons, users can discover more about the various formats.

Odds Converter

The ratio of money risked to potential winnings in betting. Used primarily in the UK and Ireland.
Used in the rest of the world. A straightforward way to express betting odds, where 1 means even money, and higher numbers indicate longer odds.
A betting odds format used in the US, where the payout is the amount wagered plus the odds, making it easier to calculate potential winnings.
Implied Probability %
The probability of an event occurring, calculated from betting odds, used to assess the fairness of betting odds.

What are standard odds formats?

Betting is a pastime enjoyed across the world, but the odds used have different formats from place to place.

What are fractional odds, and where are they used?

When it comes to bookmakers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, fractional odds, sometimes known as British odds, U.K. odds, or traditional odds, are extremely popular. In most cases, they are written with a hyphen (-) or a slash (/). As such, fractional odds are used most in football (soccer).

What are decimal odds, and where are they used?

In continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, decimal odds—also called European odds, digital odds, or continental odds—are often used. Just by glancing at the odds, you can tell who the favorites and underdogs are. The sum total, not merely the profit, that the bettor could walk away with for every dollar wagered is represented by the decimal odds number.

What are American odds?

Commonly referred to as American odds, moneyline odds are popular in America. They are displayed as either positive or negative. The positive number is the amount of money you would win if you placed a $100 bet. The negative figure indicates how much would have to be wagered to return $100 in profit.

How do we convert betting odds to probabilities?

One way to express the odds of a bet as a percentage is using implied probability. In order to convey the anticipated likelihood of an event taking place, it considers the bookmaker margin. Betting successfully requires an understanding of how to transform betting odds into implied probabilities in order to evaluate the possible value of a given market.

Our odds to decimal converter turns your odds into a winning percentage to display your chances. Just input the odds values you have in the relevant fields.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does the converter do?

    With our American betting odds converter, bettors can easily assess their winning chances across different platforms thanks to our quick and accurate conversions.

  • How does the odds converter work?

    Regardless of the format you provide, our odds converter will automatically calculate the inferred probability rate and values.

  • What formats can the converter handle?

    American, fractional, and decimal odds are the most common types of odds that our odds converter for sports betting can handle.

  • How do you get probabilities?

    Our American odds converter allows bettors to precisely analyze the potential value of a specific market by calculating the winning percentage corresponding to the odds values entered into the relevant fields.

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